About my Book

Golf is meant to be enjoyed, plain and simple.  The tendency for that enjoyment to become frustration is all too common, and is typically the result of players over complicating the basic mechanics of the game.  This is the focus of Aaron’s book, “The Common Sense Golfer.”

In the book, Aaron uses his unique perception and deep understanding of golf to simplify the game by making connections that are relatable to everyday life. He strips away the nonessential elements of instruction, and breaks down each basic concept from the set up of a swing to the final putt.

The Common Sense Golfer has helped veteran and novice golfers alike shave ample strokes from their game.

The second edition of Aaron’s book is not yet available. In addition to understanding the techniques needed for a better swing, Aaron also addresses stretching to help you improve your flexibility. Aaron understands that fitness plays a very important roll. This is why he has partnered with and is located in one of the largest fitness facilities around; The Club Sport and Health. In his new book he will talk about the real missing link plaguing most golfers, which is ill fitted clubs, and why custom fit may not be custom built.