Simulator Rental


Aaron’s simulator tracks ball flight using a Flightscope launch monitor. This radar encompasses a 3-Dimensional area of measurement, which means a golfer’s shot is tracked from the moment it leaves their club, all the way through for a total of 13ft. Traditional simulators on the other hand, employ a system of 2-dimensional frames, leaving gaps in data and only measuring for 1.5ft.  Best of all… Golfer’s can have food personally delivered to simulator from the Club’s Bar & Grill. There is also plenty of room to sit and relax with friends. Plus, we have free bag storage for those customers playing in our league or taking lessons.



Want to play a round on an Inner Quest simulator or join a league? Contact us today to book a tee time on our exclusive Inner Quest Golf simulator.
Simulator rental price is based on half hour time slots only. You may have up to 8 players with a room capacity of 10 people.
We do have club storage for a small fee of $10 a month. League players and Inner Quest students can store their clubs for no charge.
Monday – Friday 7am to 10pm
Saturday & Sunday 7am to 7pm
Jan. – Mar. $15 for 30 mins.
Apr. – Sep. $7.50 for 30 mins.
Oct. – Dec. $12.50 for 30 mins.